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To pursue and achieve prosperity, unity, cohesion, solidarity, and peace with all nations as the Hebrew tribes/people. To defend the sovereign, freedom, integrity, and independence of the Hebrew tribes/people. To accelerate the political, spiritual, social economics, and governance of the Hebrew tribes/people to create a more perfect citizenship in all countries of the world.



Build wealth by developing home-ownership and promoting entrepreneurship through new business creation throughout the Hebrew tribe/people. To pursue the lost wealth caused by slavery, free labor, and trauma by requesting reparations, restoration, and restitution from countries, governments, businesses, and corporations that are holding and enjoying this wealth today. To adhere to the laws of the constitution and to challenge laws that isolate the Hebrews tribe/people. To stop the redlining, oppression, and criminal behavior that effects the Hebrews tribe/people. To protect against the genocide and the globalist agenda to control and destroy the Hebrews through science and medicine. To protect against unfair imprisonment, lack of education, and unhealthy food practices from companies that have neglected their power to eradicate the Hebrew tribes/people. To protect against mass incarceration, gang violence, poverty, drugs, voting rights, education, single-parent household policies, police brutality, systemic racism to promote a level playing field, and fairness for the Hebrew. To establish the lost strengths, wisdom, and generation of the Hebrews tribe/people.


August 30, 2019, will mark over 450 years of slavery of the Hebrews (Genesis 15). Redemption and reputation will be paid. 

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